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Phase 3 LEDC life test update 1

The third LEDC battery life test has reached a new milestone of over 800 hours surpassing the previous two tests and it has a lot more to go.

Phase 3 LEDC life test

The third LEDC battery life test is well under-way after 500 hours. The LEDC is configured to wake every 10 minutes and chime the hour. With these settings it appears this test is going to take a while.

Phase 2 LEDC life test complete

The second LEDC battery life test concluded with an error (reset) after 81 hours.

The LEDC actually continued to operate and keep time, but the processor reset when the hourly chime occurred, the chime can draw up to 90mA and the processor browned-out.

With the chime disabled the clock continued to operate, but I concluded the test. LED brightness became a problem because the batttery voltage was approaching the LED forward voltage.

The final test is sleep 10 minutes, and chime on the hour. This is likely to take a long time so I’ll start another project in-between.