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Mud Season

Well Brown Season is over but it’s been replaced by Mud Season. It’s nice to have a nice bright sunny day, but often this time of year these can be hard to come by. Fortunately a grey sky can provide a nice flat light and a bit of rain can add some visual interest.

Depth Of Field (DOF)

Continuing on the theme of where to stand, another consideration is what is behind what you are trying to photograph and how to use it to your advantage. Consider to two pictures above, they are essentially the same, They were taken at the same time, same dragonfly, same location. I used a shallow depth of field because I wanted to emphasize the dragonfly, not the background. Of course the background is still there, but so out of focus that it is essentially just a color. In the “green” image the background is weeds and grass, in the “tan” image the background is a cement drain pipe. I did not want a picture of a cement drain pipe, but as a background it highlights the intricacies of the dragonfly wings. Don’t be constrained by what your eyes tell you, the art comes from seeing something else.