LEDC User Manual

LEDC (pronounced el-e-de-se) is a digital clock that uses an L.E.D. matrix for displaying time in multiple formats, along with many other features not normally found in a digital clock.

The circuit board for the LEDC is the size of a standard business card and has a retro-look. It’s battery power and unique features make it very modern. The business card size was a design criteria to allow the LEDC to be housed in a business card holder of any type the user might desire.

The design is “hackable”, there is a connector to allow the push buttons to be relocated. The micro-controller is in the Microchip PIC18 series and the in-circuit programming port is available. In addition the battery can be relocated for a larger or different power source.

Features include:

  • Low power battery operation
  • Traditional digital clock mode
  • 24 hour military style digital clock
  • Binary coded decimal clock mode
  • Binary Clock mode
  • Hexadecimal Clock mode
  • Scrolling Date text mode
  • Hour Glass count down timer
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Dice rolling mode
  • Scrolling text message mode
  • Fortune (magic 8-ball-ish) display
  • Schrödinger’s Cat
  • Executive Decision Maker
  • Built in buzzer for alerts with selectable volume
  • 3 independent alarms
  • Multiple chime options
  • Multiple power saving options

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